/ Geo-Location targeting. Smako is a newly established company providing bulk SMS services. Our mission was to present a multi-purpose platform in the best way possible. A modern website for a modern company offering a very unique feature (geo-location targeting) in a crowded over supplied industy. Smako (a UK based company owned by... ASP Accounting. A modern website, designed for a very professional business. Our friends at ASP worked closely with Tec staff so that they present ASP's accounting solutions as accurately as possible. We made possible efficient browsing, firm UX and Tec's "contact everywhere" strategy. Spa Memories. Our team was asked to connect Entersoft ERP with the e-shop. Our expert develpment team managed to deliver 100% smooth, bug free connection so that the company could assign directly from Entersoft's software exclusive discounts and customer handling issues. We have focused on the limited product range of the newly established cosmetics... Confidence and Security Challenging beyond what we could have imaged, AP project was to provide visitors with confidence and the sence of security. Dr. Ntoutsia and Tec Team worked closely to bring the world a quality website to match the class and expertise of the Doctor.